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Can I share with you my story...

I have a shocking discovery to tell you, SEO is NOT that hard! I'm sure by now you have heard about LSI (oh...I forgot what it means), proper siloing structure and onpage seo, and all the other little details that will help you get to the first page of the search engines. Until....the search engines decide to change the rules again.

I got a secret to share with you....

Forget all that - this is SEO for you and me!

I don't care about LSI and Siloing at all and I enjoy some of the top positions in the competitive Internet Marketing Niche.




Proof #2 - A Double Listing...Yee Haw!!!



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Let me show you how I accomplish this:



Watch My Live Demo Using SEnuke's Article Submission...
And How Fast And Powerful SEnuke Is...

(remember...SEnuke's Article Submission is only ONE of it's many features)






When I started using SEnuke, and its massive arsenal of features and benefits, it was practically useless to me.... That's right. It was useless. SEnuke sat on my desktop and I did nothing with it.


Because I did not know how to use it, I did not know proper linking methods, and I had no idea how to use its keyword research function to go after keywords and dominate any niche market.

You see, SEnuke's training itself is very limited in it's scope and depth. So, what did I do?

I spent hours and hours learning SEO, Linking, and how to use the lethal power of SEnuke to literally crush competition and dominate the search engines.

I now have a SYSTEMIZED and STRATEGIC FORMULA to dominate the search engines.


'SEnuke Advanced SEO Training'


Do you want to waist hours upon hours fiddling with SEnuke? SEnuke SEO Advanced Video Course will save you time and money. For less than half the cost to a monthly subsciption to SEnuke Pro edition, you can now harness SEnuke's power.

Here are just a few of the Advanced SEnuke SEO Strategies you will learn in my course:

You will have in your hands my ACTIONABLE STEPS powerpoint guide that will teach you the EXACT pattern and method to harness SEnuke's power.
You'll learn the exact strategy to getting a double listing on Googles search results with your site!
Discover SEnuke's Placeholders to help you properly link your sites together.
Learn my exact SEO Methods in a 15 minute video which will specifically spell out the LINKWHEEL strategy, its advantages and disadvantages.
You'll lLearn the proper use of SEnuke's URL Manager to increase your exposure across the web.
Increase your conversions and link through rates by learning how to spice up your articles with Images, Banners, and Youtube videos.
Discover my Anti-Spamming Scheduling methods so that your social network and bookmarking sites will not get banned..and will boost your Money Page for years to come.
Create HUNDREDS of article variations from one seed article using the incredible spinning technology!
And so much more!

My Comprehensive SEnuke Advanced SEO Training Videos Will Teach You How To Crush The
Competition And Dominate Google At Will!





Video 1: Introduction and SEnuke: Comprehensive Overview


Video 2: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Email Automation Creation


Video 3: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Social Network Sites


Video 4: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Article Sites


Video 5: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Bookmark & RSS Sites


Video 6: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Verifying Emails


Video 7: Social Network/Article Nuke: Post Settings


Video 8: Social Network/Article Nuke: Spinner Article Pt. 1


Video 9: Social Network/Article Nuke: Spinner Article Pt. 2


Video 10: Bookmarking Nuke: Proxies & Bookmarking


Video 11: RSS Nuke & RSS Joiner


Video 12: Web 2.0 Profile Nuke & Pinger


Video 13: Web 2.0 Profile Nuke: Live Demo


Video 14: Comprehensive Action Steps PowerPoint + PDF


Video 15: Adding Video & Images In Social Network/Article Nuke


Video 16: SEnuke SEO & Linking: 15 minute video


Video 17: Linking Using SEnuke Placeholders: 17 minute video


Video 18: Linking Using URL Manager & Placeholders


Video 19: Advanced SEO Technique: Get A Double Google Listing


Video 20: Advanced Keyword Selection & Finding Profitable Keywords


Video 21: Advanced Anchor Text Set Up


Video 22: How To Effectively Manage & Organize Campaigns


Video 23: Advanced Article Spinning


Video 24: Advanced Finale: Linking Mindmaps & SEnuke How-To's


Video 25: Turning Your Linking Into A Linking Network Empire For Instant Google Juice & Authority


BONUS VIDEO 26: Viral Backlink Explosing - SEnuke & Social Media


BONUS VIDEO 27: SEnuke Advanced Youtube Ninja Trick: Videos On Google's 1st Page


BONUS PDF: How To Properly Use Social Network Sites To Build A Massive Backlink Empire



Not only do you get my 19 Video Tutorial Set, but you'll also get:

  • A PDF PowerPoint Presentation Action Guide

  • Coles Notes PDF On Placeholders

  • You'll Get My Teaching On Understanding How Page Rank Works

  • Understand Google Juice and Link Love

  • You'll Understand The 4 Classes Of Links (not all links are created equal)

  • My Simple SEO Formula To Dominate Google

  • How To Choose Keywords

  • The 5 Important Rules To SEO Link Building

  • And much, much, more

I don't know about you, but while paid traffic is fast and can be extremely profitable, I prefer targeted free traffic any day of the week. With paid traffic, as soon as you stop paying then that is it, your income dries up. With free traffic, your incomes keeps growing and never stops.

Now you can get SEnuke SEO Advanced Course for a limited time only.

Money Back Gaurantee Policy

Because of the high demand nature of this product there is a no refund policy.


Every single day you are not using these techniques then traffic is still going in tidal waves to your competitors websites on the front page of Google!


How much is that worth to you really?

Look - I'm here to run a business so I can't just give the information away for free, but then this priceless information could help you out so much that I don't want to price it out of people's reach, so $77 sounds fair to me, I get a fair pay for my work and you get your hands on some of the best no BS SEO information ever to come to the internet.

Look at it this way -- $77 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to all the time you have wasted fiddling with SEnuke, the untargeted free traffic techniques you've attempted, and the cut-throat paid traffic sources you've spent a small fortune on.

Start to build sites that get traffic even when you are not there so you can start to enjoy your life and break free!

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Are you going to leave this page and seek out some other 'miracle-cure' or are you going to finally take a stand and build sites that actually get traffic and make money?


Your competitors are raking in cash from their front page rankings, with a bit of effort then you can wipe that smug smile off their faces as you blast past and steal their traffic from them...

Don't you owe it to yourself to try 'SEnuke and SEnuke SEO Advanced Video Tutorials' today?

Mark Dulisse


P.S  Every second you don't have this information you are missing out on free traffic - stop wasting time and build a business you can be proud of!


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As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may or may not experience. Any examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in business and on the internet that we cannot foresee which can reduce results. We are not responsible for your actions.

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